Backless, breezy, bohemian tops and dresses are all over this spring, and the only thing holding most of us back from charging our visas so much that we know the number by heart is one question...

How the heck do I wear a bra with that?

The answer? You don't.

You wear Nippies Skin or Nippies. They are the key, or shall we say "trick" to pulling off to those "tricky" tops and dresses without having your nipples poking out for everyone to see. Plus, they are way cooler ( literally and figuratively than any other bra alternative out there) so no style will be compromised.

Cheers to a bra strap, extra unwanted layer free Spring and Summer.

All dresses & tops are from Planet Blue. So now that you want these 4 items, pick up some nippies first and go shop.