Need some festival inspo?

April is the official kickoff month for festival season. With Coachella only a few weeks away, we thought a little festival fashion inspiration would be the perfect way to get PUMPED. We're especially excited to see who will be rocking nippies and pasties on stage this year.


Every week we will introduce a favorite trend that we will be wearing this year...perfect for the festival girl in everyone.


Our first style obsession?  Sheer tops. Anything that gives a little insight to underneath it all (and we know Gwen would agree).


The sheer top is a fashion statement. The nipple has made a 2015 comeback. Leave the ugly nude camisole at home and pair it with some rad nipple covers for the perfect festival outfit. PS. It's a great way to stay cool during the day, while revealing the perfect amount of sexy, cool, and confidence. Our Nipple covers are waterproof and sweat-proof so they will stick no matter what. Party on ladies.


Stayed  tuned for next weeks featured trend. Don't forgot to tag us @nippies #nippies with ideas!


XX nippies