Miley Cyrus is spotted wearing customized Pretty in Pink nipple covers in support of the legendary Joan Jett's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Sunday.


Her instagram was filled with photos of herself with Joan (and Paul Mccartney!!)  showing off her nipple stickers inscribed with Joan Jett's initials. Needless to say, we love Miley and her fondness of pasties, joan jett, all things boobs.


Cyrus performed "Crimson And Clover" alongside Jett, before honoring her in a speech:


"Instead of changing for all those people, if you don't like how the world is, change it yourself," she said. "She made the world evolve, her life and her success is proof that we can self-evolve. I want to thank you for fighting for our freedom, Joan, and I love you so much."




Get your own pair of Pretty in PInk Nippies here.

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