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Each pack includes 2.8 mm Adjust-A-Buttons.

• Sturdy metal material mimics the look of the original jean button.
• Flat back clasp won’t poke or pinch.
• Spring back clasp locks in place yet quickly releases for repeated use.
• Close the back gap – Pear body shapes can tighten the waist “gap”.
• Smooth “Muffin Tops”- Apple body shapes can extend jeans to avoid fleshy overflow.

Check out more features and tips here.

Adding or reducing up to 1.5" is as easy as inserting a pin. Simply poke through on outside of existing button to tighten, move to inside to loosen.

Has anyone ever likened your body to a fruit salad, and classified you as an apple, pear or banana? Whether your body shape, weight fluctuations or a baby bump is to blame for pants that don’t fit quite right, Adjust-A-Button is the fit-perfecting cherry on top. This movable pin-like button adjusts waistbands up to 1½" instantly, so it’s easy to extend waistbands that pinch or tighten to close the waist gap. Unlike the cheap plastic “As Seen On TV” imitation that breaks and pops off, the original metal Adjust-A-Button is reusable for years to come.

Style Tips
• Quick fix for lost buttons.
• Pin jean jacket collars in place.
• Keep an extra Adjust-A-Button at the office for emergency wardrobe malfunctions.
• Use Adjust-A-Button on pants that have stretched out when traveling.