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Domenico Star

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Nippies® –
Domenico Star
Let loose your wild side in our leopard print Domenico Stars! Or mix with gold lamé and go Gaga-style. More than a decade of research and design-tweaks have produced our stickiest shape – the Nippies five-point star. Whether you’re walking the red carpet or out on rave safari, we’ve got you covered.


Discover the most comfortable and longest lasting brand of pasties out there. Made in the USA!


nippies® – stick with the Original


BEST FOR kitty costumes • big entrances • stage performances • forest venues

raves • desert events

Contains (1) pair gold lamé & (1) pair leopard print. Also comes with two "patch test" minis to play with and four protective nipple pads (optional).


• The only nipple covers made from real lingerie fabrics

• STRETCHY and form-fitting for wrinkle-free coverage and painless removal

• Split backing for easy self-application

• Leaves no residue behind. Comes off clean!

• Waterproof and sweat-resistant, hypoallergenic adhesive

• Wear 6-8 hours max

Whether your cups are copious or petite, it's all about how flashy you’re feeling. Use your cup size as a general reference and keep your nipple size in mind (nippies® cross shapes cover less in the center). Apply to clean, dry skin.


Insider’s tip: The larger size can give the twins a little lift. First, apply the bottom half of the Nippie to the lower half of the breast, then gently lift before sticking the top half. Ta-da! Things should be looking up.



• The B star measures 3"×3"

• The C star measures 3.75"×3.75"

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