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Softly Off
Forget to take off your nippies® before falling asleep? We’ve been there many times. Specially formulated for skin, use Softly Off All Natural Adhesive Remover to gently remove the gummy rings or bands that hormone replacement therapy (HRT), birth control, nicotine, pasties, medical adhesive tape and bandage residue leave behind. It’s ALL NATURAL and gentle on skin for everyday use!
98% organic and natural ingredients.


Softly Off is a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser specifically designed to remove adhesive residue from the skin easily and effectively. You can enjoy a fresh, clean feeling after removing your patch. It’s effortless! With Softly Off there’s no need for scratching or scrubbing skin to remove the sticky residue that remains after adhesive is peeled off.
Available in a 1oz bottle or 6ml travel packs.

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