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  • Top 5 Oscar dresses and the tools to pull them off

    More often than not, the red carpet arrivals are more exciting then the actual Oscars themselves. Well, it definitely was the case when these 5 historically gorgeous gowns, worn by even more gorgeous actresses, strolled down the Red Carpet on Fashion's biggest night.


    So, here are some of our top 5 favorite Oscar Dresses, and the styling tools used to pull the look off.

    1: Charlize Theron - 2002 - A gorgeous Tangerine Vera Wang Gown. A Low back, thin straps and Plunging neckline are no match for Stylin' Tape.

    2: Halle Berry - 2002 - An Elie Saab Stunner. Mesh, and appliques, and an acceptance speech for best Actress are no match for Nippies basics.

    3: Hilary Swank - 2005 - Guy Laroche's backless dress that set the bar for all backless dresses to date. The front is as smooth as can be. Merci beaucoup, Nippies Skin.

    4: Mila Kinus - 2011 - Elie Saab's delicate, beautiful lilac frock was perfect for this Hollywood hottie. Ahem,  Nippies Skin are the tool to pull the dress off comfortably.

    5: Penelope Cruz - 2007 - The stunning Champagne strapless Versace. Stylin' Tape keeps a dress like this in place, and doesn't damage any of the amazing fabric or details. Gosh this dress was a beauty.

    Looking forward to seeing some more stunners on Sunday...

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